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Vote on Top Webcomics! Secret Strip…

If you vote for Holy Mole at Top Webcomics dot Com, you will get to view a special secret strip that reveals a secret enemy of The Church. Oooh… Chilling.

Coming Up

I’ve finally started getting a system down as far as writing strips, and creating larger plot lines (and this is has nothing to do with the not-yet-anticipated Holy Mole graphic novel), so look for more updates in the future where you will learn more about these different characters.

Also, I’m wanting to add little bits of The Book here and there, and other items relating to their religion.

Check out my Links

I just added a links page to my site that can take you to other pages.  What an internet!  Let’s say you’re reading Holy Mole, and there’s nothing left to read, but you still want to read some carmics?  Well, clicky the “Links” button and lookitthose!  More tooners for your eyes.

In other news, I’ve created a language.