Here are some comics that I like:

Walking Upright by Jesse Cline – Lab monkeys struggle to survive in a scientist-dominated world. Lessons for us all.

Luke Surl Comics by Author Unknown – The story of a young man that draws comics, seen from the perspective of the audience.

Divine Introspection by Gregori Scott – God and Satan are fired and trying to live in that world in between them.

Nothing Happened Today by Ed Harrington – a very simple and slightly evil comic.

Digger by Ursula Vernon – strong similarities to another comic I know, except that it’s a wombat, and a girl, and she moves around a lot more. But there is a statue of Ganesh involved, so… like the exact same thing.

Bone by Jeff Smith – probably the biggest inspiration to me as far as creating and drawing a comic, and just like breathing and stuff.

Kaspall by Lucy Lyall – one of my favorite webcomics out there. Make sure you start from page one and then continue reading until the most recent update, but I probably don’t have to tell you that.

Crittertopia by Greg Cooper – just a fun, funny, funny-looking strip.

Whale by Joseph Devens – I know this guy! Whale. Probably the most stirring and epic comic of its time.

Rice Boy by Evan Dahm – This is a good one. I wish I could think of more to say.

Orbit by Johnny Lin -Really funny comic about Earth and the other planets of the solar system hanging out and having adventures.

And these are links to other fun sites:

Porcelain Wasteland – Home of other Porcelain Wasteland Comics such as Squirrels, and Charlie Thatcher’s QuickThought*.

Top WebComics – a ranking system based on popularity. I usually reside in the 300’s.

The Webcomic List – the name is a pretty good descriptor of it.

WebcomicZ – This is actually where I find most of the comics I like.

Comicizer – Nifty comic randomizer that lets you find new comics. Randomly. I think I covered that already. What was I gonna say?

Heaven For Betsy – My favorite band. Or you might even say it’s my favourite band. Still others claim that the pronunciation is exactly the same.