Vote on Top Webcomics! Secret Strip…

If you vote for Holy Mole at Top Webcomics dot Com, you will get to view a special secret strip that reveals a secret enemy of The Church. Oooh… Chilling.


In an effort to boost visibility and interaction, I’ve added that Vote button to the menu bar. Clicking it will link to my profile on, and if I get enough, I’ll get on their front page and maybe more readers? I’m not really sure how it works, but I know that I want it. There’s also an extra comic after the link for all you Warren fans out there, which I think out of the three people that have read this strip, it’s at least two of you.

Not Dead Yet

I just wanted everyone to know that I am still working on the strip. I have new characters I’m getting ready to introduce and just have no idea how to draw them yet. Plus I’m working on the novelization of it all, so, there’s that. Hopefully I’ll have the next strip up in the next week.

Coming Soon

In the next week, I’m hoping to have a spangly new banner, pictures for the character pages, and hopefully another strip…

After that, in the coming months and such, I will hopefully have my new font made, the website worked out nicely…. ok, I don’t have THAT many plans, but still… there are plans.


I had a really busy weekend, in addition to putting this eyesore up. I still owe you (second person singular) two more strips, and then on Friday I’ll owe you one more.

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