September 16th, 2010 by admin

My new worry is that the time has passed for me to tell this story.   There’s a screenplay I’ve been working on in bits that relates a lot more to my life at this point, but I just run into a mental block when trying to move past this book.

So I took some time out and read through some notes I had made but forgotten about, and gave me a bit of an idea of where to go with the story.  I’ve also realized from other people’s work that I spend way too much time on insignificant details and really need to push the plot faster than the character arcs.  I feel like those are strong enough, but it occurred to me long ago that I’m so far deep into my own mythology that I can’t really be called upon to judged it fairly.  I forget that I took out certain things/there are things I never put in… there’s a whole world in my head that no one else will ever see, and don’t have the patience to learn about completely, so my task is to make as interesting of a work as possible.

Uh… so that’s where I am right now.

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