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September 2nd, 2010 by admin

I created this blog four or five months ago to help me work through my writer’s block and never actually did that.  Now I am.  So let me tell you about my book.

The Last One is a story that’s basically been around since I was in the seventh grade, some thirteen years ago.  It’s changed so much since then, been attempted and quit.  The first such attempt was my senior year of high school, when I got to a certain point and realized I wasn’t ready to write this thing.

Four years of screenwriting classes and I felt a little better equipped.  I finished the first draft in 2008, and then decided that I wanted to make some basic changes.  The following rewrite went through 9 (of a planned 23) chapters before other giant changes were incorporated, and that rewrite was scrapped.

I am now beginning the 11th chapter and so far nothing has shaken up the system enough to warrant another complete overhaul… a character was slipped into an earlier chapter for an emotional reveal in chapter seven, and I decided to swap out the character traits of a Major (not military rank, major character) for another as a means of plot device, but so far nothing big.  The only thing holding me back is very specific word choice and the fact that I hate writing descriptions (which, of course, means that I should be writing MORE descriptions – or do more illustrations).

But that’s where we are.  The book in its developing form exists at

Read if you will, read if you won’t.

… that doesn’t make sense.

The end.

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